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Please note that there is an $10.00 non-refundable/non-transferrable registration fee that must be paid at time of registration via PayPal. You will have 24-hours to pay this fee. If fee is not paid within 24-hours, you will forfeit your spot.

There is an additional $10 consignor fee that will be taken out of your proceeds check after the event.

Consignors receive 55% of their proceeds and can participate in the Busy Bee program (limited shifts available, first-come-first served) to increase that percentage!

Consignors can sell up to 250 items. There are limits on certain categories as well (newborn to size 2 clothing limited to 25 items per size per gender; shoes limited to 25 pairs of shoes per gender; books limited to 50 per consignor; no limits on other categories).

We do not accept cribs, car seats, bath tubs, stuffed animals, maternity clothes, junior sized clothing, breast pumps

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Last updated on Mar 04 2021.