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How does your organization sign up to fundraise with us?

Contact us for registration/application information. You do not have to be a non-profit organization to hold a fundraiser with us, but you must be an established organization with a clearly defined mission statement. Types of organizations can include churches, schools, scouts, sports teams, day cares, mothers groups, etc.

We have a limited number of fundraising consignor spots per location. Spots are only available if there are still consignor spots open.

FUNDRAISING OPTION: Your organization can register as a consignor.
You will have one number assigned to your organization. Collect, price and tag the items from your members/supporters and enter them on-line, then drop them off at your designated time. Fundraising organizations do not have a limit on the number of items the organization can sell, so as many families as you can find to donate items to your organization to sell under your account, the more money you can potentially expect to make. Your organization will get 70% of the price of your items that sell. You will receive a check made out to your organization within one month of the sale.


Last updated on Jan 04 2019.