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Drop Off & Pick-Up

Please ensure that all of your items meet our guidelines. We want to ensure that items for sale are of top quality. Items on the Government Recall List or items deemed potentially dangerous to children due to its parts or manufacturing, will not be accepted by Be Green Kids Consignments. It is the responsibility of each consignor to make sure that all of their items meet the safety standards.


You must log-in to your consignor account to schedule your drop-off time.

CLICK HERE to Log-in to your account.

All items will be reviewed and checked off your inventory list at drop-off. Please remember to review our list of ACCEPTED ITEMS and ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED. After items are reviewed, the consignor will be responsible for placing the items on the sales floor in the proper area. Please allow 20-30 minutes for your drop-off appointment.


Unsold items marked for donation will be taken off the sales floor first and bagged for the charity we are working with for that sale. All other unsold items will be sorted within each category for a partial-sort. Consignors must retrieve their items, ensure that all unsold items are there, check the lost ticket or damaged tables time and go to the check-out table to sign paperwork. IF YOU DO NOT PICK UP YOUR UNSOLD ITEMS THAT WERE NOT MARKED FOR DONATE BY THE DESIGNATED TIME THEY WILL BE DONATED and YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $25 HANDLING FEE. To ensure that you pick up all items that did not sell and were not donated, you should bring a printout of your settlement report with you. You will be able to get an updated version that includes the last day sales from your account two hours after the sale closes on the last day. At the check-out table all items will be reviewed to make sure another consignor's items are not mixed in. Once all items are checked, the consignor will be required to sign the pick-up sheet and then they may take their remaining items home. Consignors should not put items in car before checking out at check out table. Be Green Kids Consignment is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost, stolen or broken items during or after our sale dates. It is at the consignors risk to participate in one of our sales. We do our best to ensure that these situations are limited, and will do what we can to track down any missing items, but there is no guarantee of return and no compensation for items we cannot locate.

NOTE: If your items were not sold at the event and you have chosen not to donate them, they do not need to be re-tagged to be sold at future events. Our online inventory system will allow you to push all unsold items to the future sales when registration for that sale is open. This is a wonderful feature since it saves you the trouble of re-tagging and reentering your item information. Please keep in mind, though, that the items you push through must be seasonally appropriate items.

Items that were not sold or donated must be picked up at your designated time by the consignor between 3:30pm and 5pm on the last day of the sale. Any items not retrieved by 5pm will be donated and you will be charged a $25 handling fee. No exceptions!

Last updated on Jun 01 2018.