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Consignor Agreement

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Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT & RELEASE

This Agreement is made between Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. ("Be Green") and you ("Seller").
Be Green Kids Consignments owns and operates childrens consignment sale events and provides a service to sell certain personal property items owned by the Seller. The Seller (who agrees to this contract) desires to sell or dispose of their items by using the services that Be Green Kids Consignment Sale offers.
In consideration for the opportunity to participate and profit from the Be Green Kids Consignment event the Seller/Consignor has read, understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions:
1. Seller consents to receive text message reminder and alerts to their given phone number. Consignor may opt out of these alerts at any time.
2. The Consignor’s items must have a total minimum value of $100 (based on item prices Consignor set). A maximum of 250 items will be accepted
3. All Consignors will pay a $10.00 non-refundable/non-transferable registration fee that will reserve a spot for this event. An additional $10.00 consignor fee will be deducted from Seller proceeds at conclusion of sale event.
4. Seller agrees to be the only consignor using the account and will not sell items on behalf of another person. If it is found that there are multiple people under one seller number, the Seller will be barred from participating in future sales.
5. Seller agrees that they are selling their personal items only. Only quality items in excellent condition with no defects should be offered for sale. The Seller is solely responsible for the quality, condition and fitness of all products they sell. The Seller is solely responsible for ensuring the sale items are in compliance with the guidelines and requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and/or applicable industry standards.
6. Seller agrees to create a product tag for all items using the software and securely fasten tags to all items. Seller will accurately and completely fill out all item information for each tag.
a. Seller must choose the correct category for each item to ensure the items are taxed properly upon sale.
b. Seller agrees to discount item if the item is marked for donation at the end of sale. The MyCM Inventory system will automatically mark an item for discount if the item is marked for donation.
c. Seller agrees to clearly describe item in the description area so that item can be properly be searched for in the event system if the tag is removed, damaged or falls off of item.
7. If seller selects “Discount” in the online inventory system while creating a tag for an item, the unsold item will be offered for sale on the last day at 50% of the original sale price.
8. Seller agrees to neatly hang and prepare all items as instructed on the website and place them in designated areas as per instructions of the Be Green staff during their drop-off appointment.
9. Seller agrees that if an item requires batteries to properly operate they will only submit items with working batteries.
10. Be Green is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged sale items. Seller acknowledges the possibility of such occurrences and is choosing to proceed in consignment sale and Seller accepts all risk for lost, stolen or damaged items. Seller agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against Be Green, Alison Murphy, the lessor/lessee or owner of the space where the sales event is held, any and all volunteers and/or paid participants of Be Green. The above parties are released from liability for any and all claims for damaged, stolen, or lost items. Seller has been informed that all non-tagged, damaged or broken items left after the last consignor picks up their items will be donated to the charity and Be Green nor the Seller will have a way to retrieve any such items.
11. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Be Green, its owners, shareholders, agents and employees, Alison Murphy and further agrees to make no claim or cross-claim against Be Green, its owners, shareholders, agents and employees, Alison Murphy the lessor/lessee or owner of the space where the sales event is held, for any and all claims of personal injury and/or products liability stemming from the sellers participation in the consignment sale.
12. The Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Be Green, its owners, shareholders, agents and employees, Alison Murphy for any and all claims of personal injury and/or products liability brought by third-parties relating to the purchase and/or use of a sale item(s).
13. Seller agrees to pay a fee to Be Green Sale for the provision of Be Green sale services. Seller will retain 55% of the sales price of all items that sell under their consignor number, unless otherwise stated in sales promotions, Busy Bee shifts, or Be Green’s discretion. Be Green Sale will retain the balance as a fee for services rendered.
a. Sellers who participate in the Busy Bee program and complete one 4-hour shift will receive an additional 5% of their sales; two 4-hour shifts, will earn additional 10% of their sales total; three 4-hour shifts, will earn additional 15% of their total. If Seller signs up as a Busy Bee and does not complete the obligation, Seller will not receive credit for that shift.
14. Be Green will act with diligence to complete payment to Seller within 1 month after the sale. Proceeds will be distributed to seller via PayPal direct deposit to the email that Consignors has on file. . If Seller chooses to not accept their payment via PayPal, a $5 fee will be assessed and a check will be mailed within 45 days after the sale event.
15. Seller is obligated to pick up any unsold items that are NOT marked for donation at their designated time on the last day of the sale. Any unsold items that are not picked up on the last day by end of pick up time, they will be donated to charity. Be Green will not store, warehouse, or maintain any items after end of the sale, nor will Be Green compensate Seller for any missing or left-behind items.
16. For a period of 2 years after the effective date of this Agreement seller will not directly or indirectly engage in any business that competes with Be Green. This covenant shall extend for a radius of 30 miles of the events present location.
By accepting, I have read and understand the terms of the Consignor Agreement and Release form.

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Last updated on Jan 15 2020.