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About Us


Be Green Kids Consignments is a small business started by sisters-in-laws Meredith Brown and Alison Murphy. Being parents, we understand how growing families struggle to keep their homes organized and struggle with the family budget. Some parents try to hold garage sales or use auction websites to recoup some of the money they have spent on their kid's toys, clothes, and equipment, but garage sales are limited to the scope of people you can reach and selling things on the internet can be risky at times. Our Be Green Kids Consignment Sales are events where parents can prepare and drop-off their kids gently used items and then WE WILL DO ALL WORK. This includes advertising and promoting the sale within a 50-mile radius of the event, setting-up and tearing-down the floor space and selling all of your items. It's that easy for you!


The mission of these sales is to offer parents a safe setting to buy and sell gently-used items. Our second goal is to promote the idea of recycling kids items. We want families to recycle, reuse, and reduce the impact that our families have on the environment and these seasonal consignment sales promote this lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you are “light green” or “dark green”, wherever you and your family fall on the “Green Scale” you can positively benefit the environment by making a few lifestyle changes. Buying and selling at our event is one way! Being Green is EASY! By participating in our sale as a consignor, you will be able to free up some much needed space in your home without adding items to the local landfill. But you will also make money to add to the family budget, to add to your vacation or holiday fund or maybe to just use your profits for a much needed spa day! For buyers, you will have the opportunity to purchase gently used, name brand items at a fraction of the cost you will see in retail stores or on-line saving your family money.

We also wanted to assist local charities during our sale. Any unsold items that the consignor chooses not to keep will be donated to a LOCAL, needy charity on the consignor's behalf. Charities will get a lot of use out of the clothing, toys and equipment that families have donated. Families will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

It is our hope that these sales turn in to an annual “MUST SHOP” and “MUST SELL” event for local families. We look forward to meeting you all at our sale!

About Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy grew up in Beacon, NY and attended Our Lady of Lourdes High School. After living in Albany, NY and Stamford, CT she has settled in Newport, RI where she owns a successful event management company. Alison also owned Kid Adventures Play & Party Center which was located in Portsmouth, RI.

Alison has one daughter, Avery.

Last updated on Jun 01 2018.